Saturday, March 31, 2012

Armor and Officers

Armor that i repainted from an Atlantis movie toy,not sure if i like the base or not

Three command group officers that i've been working on,the first two are for my new Army of Northern Virginia for ACW2 or in VBCW Lee's Own(They look better in person dont like the pics much)

These Officer on his Appaloosa wearing a new style of uniform with traditional colors

Monday, January 30, 2012


The Red Scare,life is good and the beginning of the Space Race,who doesn't love it.Always wanted to do a universe in the 1950's but there were never any minis to speak of.Now i believe a couple of new manufacturers is coming out with a Borneo range and Malaya range.Well my universe will basically be a mix of the Atomic Cafe 1957 range,Fallout,Resistance and Secrets of the Third Reich all together.So i can either do a start of WW3 blow it all up and put b-movie monsters,beatniks or make it a continuation of WW2.I know i have a thought of WW3 starting during the time of the Suez Crisis where the US does support the UK and the Soviets invade through Alaska or Mexico.