Monday, January 30, 2012


The Red Scare,life is good and the beginning of the Space Race,who doesn't love it.Always wanted to do a universe in the 1950's but there were never any minis to speak of.Now i believe a couple of new manufacturers is coming out with a Borneo range and Malaya range.Well my universe will basically be a mix of the Atomic Cafe 1957 range,Fallout,Resistance and Secrets of the Third Reich all together.So i can either do a start of WW3 blow it all up and put b-movie monsters,beatniks or make it a continuation of WW2.I know i have a thought of WW3 starting during the time of the Suez Crisis where the US does support the UK and the Soviets invade through Alaska or Mexico.


  1. ... and I thought I was the only one interested in something like this lol.

    I was thinking more of a 'Berlin Crisis' or 'Cuban Missile Crisis' starting point myself. As you say though figures are sparse or non-existent, particularly civilian types.

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